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Drugs are abused throughout the United States and Georgia has many drugs that are of major concern for their state. Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, Club Drugs, prescription drugs and Marijuana are some of the drugs being abused and causing concern.

There are addiction treatment centers throughout Georgia offering recovery programs to those in need a substance abuse treatment. Addiction Rehabilitation programs are successful in treating addiction when all primary areas of concern are addressed. Counseling and Therapy are useful treatments helping addicted individuals find ways to successfully maintain sobriety and make positive healthy choices. Georgia works hard enforcing Substance Abuse Prevention Programs and enforces impaired driving laws keeping their communities as safe as possible from the effects of drug and alcohol use and misuse.

  • Georgia Cocaine Addiction

    Cocaine is a drug of choice for many people throughout the Southeast and both retail and wholesale levels of cocaine are very easily found. Cocaine is a very addictive and powerful drug that can be snorted or dissolved in water when intended to be injected. Crack is a processed form of cocaine intended for smoking. Unfortunately this is a choice drug among many people in Georgia.

  • Heorine Abuse in Georgia

    Heroin continues to be stable in terms of availability in the Atlanta area as well as other cities in Georgia. Columbian heroin traffickers target the Port of Savannah when bringing the illegal drug into the state. Heroin is an opiate drug that is made from morphine. Heroin can be injected, snorted or sniffed and smoked when abusing to get high.

  • Georgia Meth Addiction

    Meth is also a drug of abuse in Georgia and most of the confiscated meth comes from Mexico, California and Texas. The imported meth that's found in Georgia is from Mexican based drug traffickers. Methamphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant that has a very high potential for abuse. Meth is very addictive and there are very serious mental, emotional and physical consequences due to meth use and abuse.

    Small illegal meth labs continue to pop up throughout the state. Georgia's state law enforcement officers recorded almost twice as many of these small scale meth labs in 2010 compared to 2009 and they expect there will be many more found in 2011. Augusta had a 79% increase in the number of meth labs found by police in the last 3 years. Methamphetamine use and the production of meth in clandestine labs continue to be cause for concern throughout the state of Georgia.

  • Club Drug Abuse in Georgia

    Club Drugs are also used in Georgia, the most popular club drugs are MDMA which is also referred to as ecstasy and GHB. You can find the illegal drug ecstasy easily in Atlanta's nightclubs. Club Drugs are used by many people when partying and in nightclubs. These drugs are illegal and many people have become seriously ill, overdosed or died using club drugs. Combining other drugs or alcohol makes these club drugs much more dangerous and sometimes lethal.

  • Marijuana Addiction Rampany in Georgia

    Marijuana is still the most popular and widely abused drug in Georgia. The biggest part of all imported marijuana in Georgia is controlled by the Mexican nationals. Marijuana is the most popular illegal drug used throughout the United States as well. Most people prefer to smoke marijuana in Georgia but some people mix it in foods or brew it as tea.

  • Prescription Drug Abuse

    Prescription Drug Abuse is at epidemic levels in Georgia. Last year 6 times more Georgians died from prescription drug overdoses than from cocaine, heroin, meth, and all hallucinogens combined. There are also new illegal pill mills showing up in Atlanta every day which is a major concern. It's getting so bad prescription drug abuse is considered a public health problem in Georgia.

    Georgia Council on Substance Abuse is a non for profit support organization and their mission is to reduce the impact substance abuse has in Georgia communities. Georgia's Council on Substance Abuse relies on private donations, foundation contributions and grants. They're dedicated when it comes to strengthening their communities in addiction prevention and treatment practices.

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